Play Cards Outside. #Windproof #Waterproof #PlayingCards

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Hurricane Cards won't blow away in the wind or get ruined by liquids

Perfect for poolside play or on the boat!

Play Cards Where You've Never Been Able To Before

Windproof Waterproof Playing Cards


Waterproof Playing Cards


See how Hurricane Cards hold up to consistent winds

Wind Resistance Video

Hurricane Cards repel water, normal cards soak it up

Water Resistance Video

Shuffling Hurricane Cards with ease

Shuffling Video


What are the dimensions of the cards?

- 2.2" wide x 3.4" long (slightly smaller than standard playing cards)

- Each individual card is about as thick as a credit card

- A full deck is approximately 1.7" thick

Can you shuffle the cards?

Yes you can, it simply requires a slower, more deliberate approach as opposed to a standard fast shuffle. OR simply cut the deck in half and shuffle with ease

Do you ship to Canada or Internationally?

We have finally solved this! We now ship to the UK, Canada and Australia! More countries to come.

Are the cards heavy to hold?

No! Although they are heavier than standard cards, you can play a full game of rummy (for example) without any 'hand fatigue.' A full deck is less than 1lb

Free Replacement Promise

Need a replacement card? Lost one in the sand or dropped one in the lake? Just email us with the card and suit and we'll ship it over! ***To addresses in the US

(Bonus - The deck comes with 2 Jokers)

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